Lace moth, Pomegranate and Poppies
This client prefers a very limited color scheme for her tattoos, so I kept the palette to mostly tones of red and grey for her
White mums in a clay pot
Flowers in containers will always be a favorite subject for me- the restricted palette in this piece helps to show up the different materials and textures of the arrangement
Cross stitch rose
Reimagined from an instructional pattern for cross stitch, this design is almost abstract up close, but resolves into a rose at a short distance
Blue Hydrangeas
We taped these flowers directly to Lucy’s hip, to get the perfect reference photos
Black and grey work obi
Brilliant weird patterns from a vintage Japanese textile
Dutch Floral Festoon
Inspired by the work of Dutch Golden Age painter Jan Davidsz de Heem
Hanging Bouquet
A classic Dutch Golden Age arrangement for my lovely friend Kyle Letendre.  This was created from favorite bits of many different paintings.  The original paintings are never composed so as to be suitable for the shape of a human body, and in order to turn them into successful tattoos, they must be first laboriously recomposed.
Peony and Mock-Orange
This is a nearly exact copy of my favorite watercolor painting by the artist Paul de Longpré.  I was only able to find a very small, very low resolution digital image of this painting to work from - it was a challenge but I think it suits the client very well
Raven and Thick Shell bark Hickory
Original artwork by the inimitable John James Audubon’s Birds of America
Corvid and Red Ivy
The presence of breasts usually prohibits large scale torso compositions, but a post mastectomy torso is a perfect surface for an elegant and unusual arrangement. Tattooing well-healed scars is not an issue, and a choice can be made to either disguise completely, or merely draw the eye elsewhere.
Triple Eye Tiger
Sometimes I find a really great art book, and it inspires a lot of work in a short period of time. This is one of several weird tigers I did in 2015.
Pink Camellias in Black Diamond
I kicked off a Things in Black Diamonds period also, in 2015- I’m circling back to it again recently, as an effective way to support and bring good contrast to more delicate florals.
Hanging Rooster
From the Golden Age artist Abraham Mignon - I think the similarity to the classic hanging flowers arrangement is no coincidence, and the metaphor for the transience of life still holds here - underlined by the recent violence.
White on Black with two floral vignettes
Bookended by two floral vignettes (Goldfinch + Hibiscus, and Rosemary + Marigold + Poppy + Aster), this field of black solved multiple coverups. It is overlaid with a single session of delicate white ink patterning from a vintage textile. 2016
Ornamental Blackwork
Borrowing references and inspiration from multiple sources can produce striking rhythms and textures, allowing for a natural bridge in styles between neighboring tattoos. I always try to make my tattoos get along with the wearer’s previous work.
Chinese Peonies and Butterfly
Inspiration can come from many places. In this case, a bright cascade of super lush peonies seemed perfect for an equally lush leg.
Night Owl
This tattoo is a remix of several pieces by the UK artist Mark Hearld. His loose brush strokes and wild layering were an enjoyable challenge to replicate for this client.
Blooming Echeveria in white ceramic Babyhead Planter
Another in the collection of my dear friend Kyle
Giant Dotwork Fern
What happens when a tattoo is so large it runs off the edges?
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