photography by Jeff Lintz

Esther Garcia is a tattoo artist, consultant, and designer in Chicago, IL. Predominantly self-taught, she brings a unique curiosity and rigorous investigative method to all artistic projects.  Her tattoos are immediately recognizable not only by their natural & botanical imagery, but also their organic body placement and unusual techniques.

Owner and artist at the second iteration of Butterfat Studios (a private tattoo studio in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood) she has spent over 20 years tattooing in Chicago and across the US, Europe and Japan.

Ms. Garcia now turns some of her attention to new projects.  One such endeavor is Flower Thieves, a textile & commercial design collaboration with graphic designer Kyle Letendre.  She also looks forward to resuming the series of traveling seminars to promote continued education among tattoo artists, encourage young artists to find their unique illustrative style, and cultivate a sustainable and healthy business practice.