28 Nov: White mums in a clay pot

White mums in a clay pot Flowers in containers will always be a favorite subject for me- the restricted palette in this piece helps to show up the different materials and textures of the arrangement


28 Nov: Cross stitch rose

Cross stitch rose Reimagined from an instructional pattern for cross stitch, this design is almost abstract up close, but resolves into a rose at a short distance


04 Oct: Hanging Bouquet

Hanging Bouquet A classic Dutch Golden Age arrangement for my lovely friend Kyle Letendre.  This was created from favorite bits of many different paintings.  The original paintings are never composed so as to be suitable for the shape of a human body, and in order to turn them into successful tattoos, they must be first laboriously recomposed.


04 Oct: Peony and Mock-Orange

Peony and Mock-Orange This is a nearly exact copy of my favorite watercolor painting by the artist Paul de Longpré.  I was only able to find a very small, very low resolution digital image of this painting to work from – it was a challenge but I think it suits the client very well


04 Oct: Corvid and Red Ivy

Corvid and Red Ivy The presence of breasts usually prohibits large scale torso compositions, but a post mastectomy torso is a perfect surface for an elegant and unusual arrangement. Tattooing well-healed scars is not an issue, and a choice can be made to either disguise completely, or merely draw the eye elsewhere.


04 Oct: Triple Eye Tiger

Triple Eye Tiger Sometimes I find a really great art book, and it inspires a lot of work in a short period of time. This is one of several weird tigers I did in 2015.