Coverup sleeves

Application form for coverup sleeves

I regularly hear from people who feel very frustrated and unhappy with the large tattoos they have, so there seems to be a considerable need. My usual projects are often not suitable for major coverups, so I am glad to finally be able to offer this. Over the past years I have worked out several very effective techniques for covering up large-scale tattoos, and now since working in tandem with laser technician Monika Holmes at Removery in Lincoln Square on a major coverup, I feel equipped to tackle almost any cover situation.

These projects are intended for major coverup situations only and are not available for those without coverups.

This round I will be sticking to full or 3/4 sleeves (arms), as they are most familiar to me and I can best estimate the work involved. I expect that there will be future opportunities for coverups on other areas, and of course projects that are not cover specific. This form is for the pictured sleeves only, I am not taking custom requests, the projects that I offer are still the only way that I take work. I hope to post the application form on and off as I am able to take on new projects.

Clear photos of the current tattoos are necessary for me to be sure that I am matching the technique to the tattoo properly, in order to get a successful result.

Please be sure to include at least 3 photos (front/back/side views). Set up your camera far enough away that the whole arm is in the frame, just above elbow height. You can ask a friend to help you or use your camera timer. Natural light with a simple background is ideal 🙂

These are not first come-first served! I will look over applications as they come in, but the form will be up until October 17, so most people will get responses after that.

Often tattoo artists are not paid for their prep and drawing time, but without compensation for the significant amount of additional work, I could not offer these at all. Cost for drawing and preparation will be estimated by individual situation. My current rate is $850 for a 4-hour tattoo session and one session includes up to 3.5 hours of tattoo time. Most of my sleeves run about 12 sessions.

A note about budget: if you have a lot of money to throw at this, I will use your entire budget. I will put in extra time to make your tattoo extra deluxe. If you offer me significantly more than I would normally charge, I may choose you and use the extra to fund someone who doesn’t have the budget. This is at my discretion and this is one of the very rare times when I am making my services more available to people offering me more money.

Depending on how the tattoos you are covering interact with  the desired design, I may recommend a bit of lasering. By fading the areas that should be lighter in the final tattoo, you can increase the range of values and make a more readable attractive image. I may recommend this process for a better result, and if so there would be laser sessions on some areas while we begin tattooing others.

I will prioritize local clients for these tattoos, as Covid continues to disproportionately impact appointments of out of town clients, and last-minute cancellations heavily impact me as a small business owner. If you are planning on coming from out of town, please be aware that your sessions will need to be paid for fully at the time of booking, and that additional trips will be required for the tracing and measurement appointment, and also final healed photos. I am willing to work on out of town clients, but I cannot bear extra risk to do it.

I continue to practice covid precautions in the studio- well-fitting masks will be worn by both of us during each session. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, and would prefer that you are as well.

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    • Blue Cineraria
    • Garden Lilies
    • Peony and Hosta
    • Water Lily and Frog