04 Oct: Triple Eye Tiger

Triple Eye Tiger Sometimes I find a really great art book, and it inspires a lot of work in a short period of time. This is one of several weird tigers I did in 2015.


04 Oct: Hanging Rooster

Hanging Rooster From the Golden Age artist Abraham Mignon – I think the similarity to the classic hanging flowers arrangement is no coincidence, and the metaphor for the transience of life still holds here – underlined by the recent violence.


04 Oct: White on Black with two floral vignettes

White on Black with two floral vignettes Bookended by two floral vignettes (Goldfinch + Hibiscus, and Rosemary + Marigold + Poppy + Aster), this field of black solved multiple coverups. It is overlaid with a single session of delicate white ink patterning from a vintage textile. 2016


04 Oct: Ornamental Blackwork

Ornamental Blackwork Borrowing references and inspiration from multiple sources can produce striking rhythms and textures, allowing for a natural bridge in styles between neighboring tattoos. I always try to make my tattoos get along with the wearer’s previous work.


04 Oct: Night Owl

Night Owl This tattoo is a remix of several pieces by the UK artist Mark Hearld. His loose brush strokes and wild layering were an enjoyable challenge to replicate for this client.